Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Strong

How could people be so callous & cynical to doubt the terrorist threat exploding in Boston last week?

OK, last week's trademark filings for "Boston Strong" immediately after the bombings may seem calculating, scarred by unsympathetic mercantilism. And the BS commemorative merchandise and BS tchotchkes suddenly being peddled about town can be annoying (Do those without a Boston Strong teeshirt side with terror? It's probably the disguise-of-choice for a terrorist!). But many Boston Strong product dealers pledge some percent of profits to a victims fund...

One Boston girl (link) blogs of repeatedly visiting the home of Zubeidat Tsarnaeva (the alleged bombers' mother) for intimate services

Other critics question the wider significance of this Boston massacre.

Here is criticism by Alex Jones (link) arguing the bombs were a staged false flag event with "patsy" suspects.

Paul Craig Roberts sees the Boston lockdown as disproportionate and a threat to liberty. Watch this clip (link) - judge for yourself.

Here's an argument for the suspect's innocence, from his Mom
(via RT of Russia)

It seems true that if the elder brother were under FBI surveillance, of concern enough to deny him citizenship, he should be on the Boston-area short list of potential scoundrels. Could law enforcement truly be so clueless? Even with poor photos, the elder brother should have quickly been tagged a suspect.

Boston's FBI office has yet to recover from their alliance with infamous local criminal Whitey Bulger. The Boston Globe noted just three weeks ago: "Because of Bulger’s evil alliance with law enforcement agents, the Boston office has a bad reputation when it comes to truth-telling. For decades, Boston agents protected Bulger, a notorious gangster who is charged with a trail of gruesome murders. The Boston office tipped him off so he could escape indictment, and he managed to evade capture for years." Whitey Bulger was given 16½ years of freedom on the run while his powerful younger brother was President of the Massachusetts Senate and later U.Mass.President. Boston's very familiar with brotherhood.

Boston, nicknamed Beantown or Bulgerville, is now Boston Strong