Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Margaret Thatcher Dead

Margaret Thatcher's finally dead.
Our privations on her head.

Was she wickedly misled?
Or outmaneuvering us instead?

victims of The Iron Lady
Know her reputation's shady.

Fueled by media mystique
Utter disdain for the weak.

Avaricious prime offender
Trailblazer of her gender

Resolute to court the rich
Middling ogress; fiscal witch

By our bootstraps, we're despised,
Bled by poll tax, much chastised

Commons oft encroached upon
Tory cronies, Cousin Ron

Wealth forked out for guns & swords
Wily at the House of Lords

Entitlement's presumptive curse
Wry Baroness or prancing purse?

Friend of Pinochet & Reagan
Dear Suharto - Fan unshaken

Cruelly treated? Dear departed!
Crabby Queen of all hard-hearted

Must her name be venerated?
Rename Heathrow? Why's she hated?

List her victims. Do them honour.
Bloody Thatcher's now a goner.

Jump !
( Swede request )