Monday, April 22, 2013

Cruel Crime: Boston & Elsewhere

Last Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon (15 April) were an outrage, focusing world attention on America's tragedy and subsequent manhunt. Greater Boston is still in shock, yet there's been a huge outpouring of community support & compassion for the innocent victims and their families, and especially for the three persons suddenly & cruelly killed.

The Wall Street Journal (16 April 2013, page A9 - link) does professionally note others were suffering elsewhere that day: "More than 25 bombings across Iraq left at least 61 people dead on Monday, adding uncertainty and instability ahead of the first elections since U.S. troops left the country in December 2011."  At least 14 candidates for this Iraqi election were assassinated prior to last Saturday's voting. 

If not for the Boston massacre, there may have been more concern in the USA for Iraqi suffering. Perhaps some Americans would have contemplated the huge costs of the unpopular US war, remembering the many thousands of American lives lost before & after Pres. George W. Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" ten years ago... How could the democracy we brought to Iraq, at the expense of some US$6 trillion (link) avoid the spotlight last week?

Some people surely would reflect on being manipulated by their government.

Last week's outrage overwhelmed such discussions.
All of us, together, are sudden tragic victims.
The world watches.  Many pray with us.  Boston Strong !
Evil smog?  Wag the dog.   USA USA