Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sweden's Failure

Sweden failed today in its bid for election to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

It's a big black eye for the centre-right Reinfeldt government, and a loss for the Nordic nations, who've "agreed on a Nordic rotation, which means that one Nordic country stands as a candidate at a time." At the end of this year when Norway completes its term, the Nordic states will lose their important voice & influence.

Results of  12 Nov 2012 vote (link): Western European & Other States (3 seats):
USA (131) 
Germany (127) 
Ireland (124) 
Greece (78 - Not Elected) 
Sweden (75 - Not Elected) 

The USA was reelected.

Perhaps the results are blowback for Swedish government mismanagement in dealing with Julian Assange, or Sweden's involvement with USA kidnapping / renditions. Yet the world needs the independent Nordic voice more than ever.

Managers of the Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq and their US government superiors have yet to be charged, tried or convicted for prisoner abuse and torture. Active censorship bans still seek to hide the horrors of torture & murder by the US Government and its contractors.

Many Americans believe Abu Ghraib is old past forgotten history. Billions of other people around the world believe the Abu Ghraib photos of torture & depravity clearly display US cruelty, arrogance, and willingness to ignore violations of domestic and international law.

Violations without accountability fester & contaminate our world.