Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Republican staffers gathered on election night to discover their dreams for President Mitt Romney were no more than intestinal gas. Those who worked for the candidate, who were told victory was certain, had a bad evening.

But it got worse. Many Romney staffers were in Boston planning festivities with the candidates. Others were posted to distant parts of the USA as unofficial election monitors, etc. Trying to pay the cab ride back to their hotel, or at checkout next day, they rudely found that scum Mitt, without any prior notice, had cancelled their credit card.

Uninvolved Republicans spun this as "fiscal Conservatism" but it was dumb, and the sign of a weasel. His running-mate, 'Eddie Munster' Ryan, is no better.

Some of these staffers & volunteers were in strange cities far from home. They suddenly went from being part of a large movement to being alone, exposed, and perhaps embarrassed. But best they recognize the feeling. How many young Americans have bled out to die in the dust of Iraq or Afghanistan, at last understanding the same thing - they were used, and now they'd been thrown away. Veterans see this everyday. Mitt ain't inviting you anywhere on his own dime; he doesn't care about you at all. He's a cheapskate piece of shit, "born on 3rd base, believing he hit a triple" -- too rich, too spoiled.