Friday, November 09, 2012

Reamed !

It's morning in America. Time for a new beginning.

Mega-corporations nearly stole election USA as they funneled billions of corrupt funds into a secret political system. The US Supreme Court still allows non-disclosure of funding sources and unlimited corporate PAC donations. As each huge corporate octopus straddles the globe, foreign funds thus destabilize America. Corporations with any foreign ownership should be banned from giving gifts to politicians. The multinationals are welcome to do business in the USA, but it is a huge mistake to give voting rights in America to Saudi princes, the Chinese Red Army, and other mega-rich foreign brothers.

We the People must demand each elected official fight for us. But with each publicly elected face are five or more administrative hacks, often struggling for funds. The US Democratic Party receives huge monies from corporate puppet-masters. The political parties will continue to actively resist changing their system. Corrupt corporate funds employ many politician's mentors & family members, and offer promise of fat retirement support.

We need new political voices, and to stop enforcing the two-party system. Political corruption kept Obama & Romney from debating Jill Stein of the Green Party. She was on the NY ballot for President; she was at the New York debate, but instead of debating, she got arrested. Far too many Americans are still unaware the two corporate political parties fully control all access to every debate. The two parties will only give up domination when we demand a new format.

The wealthy hold us hostage in many ways. They've destabilized and overthrown governments, funded murders, and paid to create fear. The giants of industry have manufactured energy crises & major wars to advance themselves. Corrupt businesses pushed themselves and the economy to the precipice. They ransacked our communities, sucked out our wealth, and then demanded & received refinancing without penalty. It's unbelievable that people still respect the businessmen who bluntly stabbed us in the heart, went through our pockets, and stole our savings. System fundamentals collapsed, while we slaves still touch our caps to the "owners" -- as we toe the line for field work.

We cheer bailouts letting us keep our scutwork jobs, and don't question why our money was given to the bosses who control us.