Sunday, November 18, 2012

General Disorder

Top-tier US military commanders are under siege on the personal front:

Army General William "Kip" Ward
 ---- demoted one star for travel expense improprieties while Commander, United States Africa Command

Navy Admiral James G. Stavridis
 ---- passed over for potential appointment as chief of naval operations while being investigated by Pentagon Inspector General for use of military aircraft on questionable unofficial travel; ultimately cleared of misconduct

Army General David H. Petraeus
 ---- retired general abruptly left his civilian job as Director of the CIA over an extramarital affair; now under attack for questionable links to a Tampa-based socialite & security risk

Army General John R. Allen
 ---- nomination officially delayed as Supreme Allied Commander Europe (to replace Adm. Stavridis, above) due to investigations over interaction with a Tampa-based security risk

Perhaps all this (and much more) is coincidence?

These people risked & dedicated their lives for their nation. Now they are pecked to submission by the people they served and by administrative accountants for relatively minor missteps. As with the Bush-Cheney Republican Party's orchestrated ridicule of Senator John Kerry's honorable military service (Silver Star, Bronze Star, 3 Purple Hearts), the impact on other active duty & retired service personnel is substantial and offensive.

Destroying reputations & careers, weakening the command structure, demoralizing those in government service, plays into the hands of America's enemies. Who benefits?

We can be dragged to war by both our friends & our enemies.

Surely the interests of the American people don't either much overlap with those of friend Israel. Binyamin Netanyahu elicits standing ovations when waddling before the U.S. Congress (link) - but he's a fat foreign devil with an agenda different from our own.