Friday, November 16, 2012

Reviewing Shenanigans

Assorted anomalies and shenanigans are now under investigation by a wide range of US officialdom interested in the circumstances surrounding David Petraeus, General John R. Allen, and some womenfolk.

This is good. Regardless of the personalities involved.

Hopefully any transgressions thus far are minor, and all our professional military officers can soon return to work.

But there are glaring systemic problems that need fixing. It's clear the system of giving "social liaison" VIP treatment to a civilian by United States Central Command (and probably elsewhere) was a security threat. Again, regardless of the specifics of this case, that loophole needs fixing. The potential for espionage is frightening.

Lebanese-American socialite Jill Kelley (a.k.a. Gilberte Khawam) cultivated friends in the highest military ranks and also in the FBI. Throwing huge fancy parties with open bar for our top servicemembers and public officials is laudable but somewhat scary. The many reports labeling her as "Christian" raise suspicions she's being deliberately distanced from non-Christian interests. Let us hope this case is not dirtier than it seems. Whatever the truth, the public's likely to be misled.