Thursday, November 08, 2012

Climate Change?

The US Republican Party has resisted the idea of climate change & global warming while the richest segment of its rightist cabal markets fossil fuels. Perhaps via stormy Katrina & Sandy, the Wrath of God will be better appreciated -- she ain't Republican...

Climate change in the political realm is still minor. Too many Americans are dumbly upset over the weaselly poor, while their nation and wealth are shamelessly looted by the weaselly rich. There's been no accountability for the collapse and bailout of the banking system - where politicians pushed trillions of dollars of everyone's wealth to the 1% ultra-wealthy. We're easy pickings for big financiers, and scared by their armies of hired goons (police; military; politicians). We're manipulated ruthlessly by corporate media; and still the swindle continues...

Rube, schmuck & schlemiel, it's time we unite & fight.

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