Saturday, April 16, 2016


Will Hillary Clinton's speeches to Goldman Sachs poison her candidacy?  

In 2013, Clinton spoke at three Goldman Sachs events for US$675,000.

Former Senator Hillary Clinton still claims solidarity with working folk & asserts (link): "I did stand up to the banks. I did make it clear that their behavior would not be excused."

Seth Abramson writes (link) that if we saw Clinton's Goldman Sachs speech transcripts, "it could end her candidacy for president."

Goldmangate !

Assorted transcripts & tapes of other Clinton speeches now pepper the internet. But the three Goldman talks (reportedly each an hour-long, @ $225,000 each) were "private" sessions not open to the public. Nice work if you can get it -- but surely not a working class wage.

Major problem is seeking to hide the fact she's highly-corporatist.

Worse for Clinton, the financial services industry is belatedly under huge negative attack from the Panama Papers, Oxfam ("Broken at the Top" - link), and the Bernie Sanders campaign. Self-regulation by Big Business is a dirty joke, considering Enron, the four Trump business bankruptcies, disastrous corporate-led trade agreements (TPP, TTIP), and public bailout of private firms. Now Americans wake up to the rude fact they've heavily subsidized top businesspeople. Surely the Clintons , who've lived top of the world now for 25 years, poorly represent typical citizens. They work hard, but protect the backs of big finance, the banking industry, etc. Hillary's big-money endorsements and coziness with big financiers show she herself is a wealthy oligarch -- no time to befriend the common man, and a tough sell when full-time work doesn't pay a living wage.

Friday, April 15, 2016

A&B = Corporate PIG

The people of Hawai'i are troubled by water problems. Many areas are dry and in constant fire alert status, large segments of Maui are brown and suffer from desertification.

Some problem is sugar industry diversion of water to their extensive private plantations. Biggest user Alexander & Baldwin (A&B d.b.a. Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. and East Maui Irrigation Co.), has enjoyed favored access to public water supplies for over a century. Protected by political connections, and using their leverage on Maui as supplier of agricultural work for hundreds of people, they've diverted streams and tapped into aquifers. They reportedly (link) divert 160 million gallons of water from 100 streams every day.

This same local power allows them open burning of cane fields, a process that fills the air with smoke, ash, and unknown carcinogenic substances (pesticide residues & miles of plastic pvc pipe and black polyethylene are burned with the cane). Subsequent dust is a further problem - blowing offshore and fouling Hawaiian reefs. Their sloppy land stewardship led to generations of complaints, many claimed local health problems, and continuing scars on the beautiful Maui landscape & offshore.

Now A&B are cutting back. They'll soon stop growing sugar cane. But they still demand continuing priority supplies of fresh Maui water.

Hawai'i's State Legislature should no longer give this billion-dollar-plus corporation open-ended authority to divert an unlimited supply of needed public water for their private operations. 

mauitime magazine cover, 27 Sept 2012

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Zapata !

Emiliano Zapata was assassinated on 10 April 1919 age 39.

Zapata struggled for a better world. RIP

Friday, April 08, 2016

Hawaiian Self-Government

Please consider the argument for Hawaiian self-government. Hawai'i's ruled from east coast USA, 5000 miles (8000km) away.

I support Native Hawaiian sovereignty, and have much sympathy for Hawaiian Kingdom activists and the sovereignty asserted & protected by a treasured minority over many decades. But since the 1893 illegal overthrow of Queen Lili'uokalani, it's been 123 years. We've not achieved operational Hawaiian self-government. Controlling a cul-de-sac or a few hamlets is insufficient.

If Native Hawaiians ratify our Kumu Kānāwai (proposed constitution), we then start to form a government. We must expect resistance. Some people probably fear this stage because we're open to infiltration, and entrenched interests will surely seek advantages. We don't wish to trade one set of captors for another. But when the alternative plan is decades more abuse & diminishment from far & near with minimal response, or begrudging Aloha, I'm ready to forge forward now.

Those elected to serve the Native Hawaiian people will be responsible for community reconciliation, and for developing better relationships among the nations of the world, including with the USA. I personally hope we can pilot our lāhui & nation to full & complete independence, maintaining peace, and one day celebrate the shutdown of US military bases. (Others disagree.) Predictable future difficulties include promotion of a complex economy, and the huge challenge to govern unruly Hawaiians. And yes, we may be outmaneuvered once again. But I speak confidently for many Hawaiian warriors --
We will Never Give Up! 

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Fools Trust Media

Just saw an interview by Swedish state-run television SVT with Icelandic PM Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, where the PM hastily escaped (link) after questions focused on his personal finances.

Unfortunately the interview tape (labeled "long version" at 7min 44sec) is nonetheless edited down at a critical time (about 6:18, just before Gunnlaugsson stands up). How much was shaved away, and why? We may never know...

Did the PM in fact "storm out" of the interview as widely reported around the world​? At minimum, the SVT link should not be labeled as "(lång version)" if & when it is crucially incomplete.

Perhaps the Icelandic PM discussed his personal financial details for five or ten minutes before refusing to continue. This is not at all to defend the interviewee, but editing / chopping the tape at that important point is bad journalism.

Important documents such as this interview should be ​trustworthy. The tape is raw in other ways, showing the lighting setup and production staff -- presumably to generate trust.

Show the whole tape. The edit reflects badly on SVT globally. 

We pay for SVT and I feel manipulated.

(more via The Guardian here)

Monday, April 04, 2016

Peaceful Freedom: Malta & Hawai'i?

The highly-strategic Mediterranean islands of Malta were repeatedly occupied by outside forces over thousands of years. Recent transitions were from a British colony, to an independent Commonwealth state, to an independent Republic from 1974 (with British forces still resident). But renegotiated lease agreements at much higher rents led to British military withdrawal in 1979. I enjoyed 31st March 2016 "Freedom Day" in Malta, and dream Hawai'i finds a similar peaceful path to self-government. The US military, perched on confiscated Hawaiian lands, can't justify or properly pay for their half-dozen military golf courses on O'ahu. Hearty goodbye with Aloha.

Monday, March 28, 2016

RIP Bill Burgess

H. William Burgess, an inveterate proponent of Yankee Occupation & Land Grab (YOLG) in Hawaii, died of natural causes 16 March 2016 in Honolulu.

It's a testament to non-violence and the Aloha Spirit that Burgess, who consistently ridiculed Native Hawaiian inheritance rights & indigenous efforts for self-government, could live out his days peacefully to age 85 in beautiful Hawaii.   Rest in Peace Bill. 

See also:
Native Hawaiians Dole Out Peace   (link)
 -- pamphlet detailing racist suppression of Hawaiians
( or .pdf file) needs a minute to download

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Rigged Elections USA

There's no excuse that prospective voters must stand waiting in line for hours. It's not rocket science for states to build proper voter lists.

Americans are deliberately being disenfranchised.

This situation is beyond party politics, and it STINKS. Democrat, Republican, or otherwise, look clearly at the USA -- it's NOT democracy, it's an enslaved society.

Read this article (link) and weep.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Let My People Go

Native Hawaiians have been peacefully working for self-determination. The Hawaiian Kingdom was illegally overthrown in 1893. Though neutral by international treaty, nobody helped the Hawaiian people... (we collected many apologies).

The recent Native Hawaiian Constitution (link to process of ratification) (link to .pdf) is one effort toward justice, sovereignty, and self-government.

Parallel efforts harness wider discontent with the US Federal Government, and the bogus politicos offered to the American people. Many US citizens ("from sea to shining sea") are revolted by the 2016 USA election. Hawaiians reject rule by Washington DC, 5000 miles away, but We're Not Alone. The Yankee giant is unmanageable. We need more independent states... Breakup of the union was once unthinkable; but now corporate infiltration, debt & decay have made disintegration inevitable.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) threaten America's government & our future survival. Don't like it? Tough = eat shit. We lose freedom to resist.

Yankee War Machines
Polluting and Displacing
Aloha ‘Āina

Native Hawaiians Dole Out Peace   (link)
 -- pamphlet detailing racist suppression of Hawaiians
(or .pdf file) needs a minute to download

Hawaiians share solidarity with indigenous cousins worldwide.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

RIP: Louana Lyman Lambert

Bettie Louana Lyman Lambert, 81, formerly of West Yarmouth, MA, passed away peacefully on February 16th, 2016 surrounded by family, at her seaside home in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.

Louana was born on May 24th, 1934 in Hilo, Hawaii to Elizabeth Leilehua Mills Lyman & Francis Lyman. She was twelfth generation descent from Kuali'i (King of Oahu & Ali'i Aimoku of Kaua'i) and Kalanikahimakaialii (Ni'aupi'o Ali'i princess of Maui). Many recent family members were educators, including New England missionaries David Belden & Sara Joiner Lyman, who arrived in 1832 and soon founded the Hilo Boarding School. Their family home & grounds later became The Lyman Mission House Museum, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute.

As a child, Louana loved to swim in and explore the tidal pools surrounding Hilo Bay. She enjoyed and excelled in her academics, and learned much from her Tutu Irma Rosehill (Farden). As a young adult she moved to Honolulu to attend Kamehameha School for Girls, where she graduated with honors in 1952 with many lifelong friends. Her paternal grandmother Tutu Kalei Ewaliko Lyman had been in the first graduating class of 1897.

Louana chose to attend Boston University over Stanford, and graduated in 1956 with a Bachelor of Science in Education. While attending BU, she met the man who'd soon become her husband, Donald "Capt. Red" Lambert. They married in December of 1956, and after living & working briefly in both California and Hawaii, moved back to Massachusetts to settle in West Yarmouth on Cape Cod. They lived happily together on the Cape for the next 40 years, raising six sons.

Louana truly loved all children and felt personal responsibility for their well-being. She taught kindergarten at Cookies Pre-School in Hyannis, MA and help shape the lives of countless kids over the years. Even after retirement, Louana still felt the need to take care of "the little ones." She became a regular volunteer with Head Start to help those underprivileged with early childhood education. Louana was an active member of the West Yarmouth Congregational Church and Women's Fellowship. She helped organize food and clothes drives for those in need, and was a regular participant in the annual ten-mile heifer walk for hunger. She also served many decades as a Cub Scout leader (she'd been a Curved Bar Girl Scout; today's Gold Award). Among other hobbies, she enjoyed quilting, painting, & collecting objects from nature.

Louana lost her beloved husband Red on December 30th, 2014 after 58 years of marriage (link). She leaves behind 6 married sons: Dr. Bruce Henry Lambert of Stockholm, Sweden; Capt. Kriss Alexander Lambert of Washington State; Ross Francis Lambert of West Barnstable, MA; Capt. Keith Drummond Lambert of Kihei, Hawaii; Dana Lyman Lambert of East Dennis, MA; and Dr. Ryan Kaleo Stuart Lambert of Honolulu; 3 grandchildren: Connor Lyman, Kailani Dawn, and Brooks Cameron; 1 great-grandson: Ka'eo Makanakeakua; and many inlaws & extended family. 'Ohana in Hawaii include the Lyman, Mills, Mattoon, Payne, Rosehill, Farden, Ewaliko, Rath, Kamai, Brickwood and Kuali'i progeny; family elsewhere include Drummond, Diamond, Brockleman, McGowan, Gripp, Gibbons, O'Donnell, Quenzer & Robertsons. Burial at convenience of the family. In lieu of flowers or donations, the family begs you to honor Louana by donating in your own community to children's causes or those less fortunate.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

No News Ain't Good News -- Hello Censorship

News of peaceful resistance by indigenous people of Alaska & Hawai'i is stifled in the USA.

Here's an article by probably missed or ignored by your local news sources:

Аляска и Гавайи просят ООН признать США оккупантами   (Translated eight months later:)

Alaska & Hawaii Ask UN to Recognize US Occupation

By Ollie Richardson
Global Research, February 02, 2016
Fort Russ 31 January 2016

The indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii appealed to the international community through the United Nations with a request to ensure their right to self-determination. The letter was circulated in Geneva.
In the address, the representatives of the peoples of Alaska and Hawaii urged UN members to raise the issue on May 11th in the framework of the consideration of the UN Council on Human Rights of the periodic review of the human rights and freedoms in the United States, according to TASS.
The appeal emphasizes that the sale of Russian Alaska to the United States in 1867 did “not mean the transfer of sovereignty over Alaska to the United States” and the “US invasion of Hawaii in 1893 was a violation of bilateral treaties and international law.”
“The territory of Alaska and Hawaii in 1959 were absorbed by the United States through deception and deliberate breaches of the mandate and UN principles, and the process of self-determination”, – stated the document.
Residents of the two U.S. States urged the UN “to fix the mistake” and use peaceful means to achieve a referendum for the self-determination of Alaska and Hawaii. For a more effective action in this direction, even set up a joint working group – “Alliance of Alaska-Hawaii for self-determination.”
“They’re taking our land and are mining mineral resources in huge quantities, causing damage to the environment. We believe that the Russians can help us. The year 2017 will mark 150 years since the sale of Alaska by Russia to the USA. If we could, working with the Russians, provide the truth about what really happened in history and to reject the distorted concepts about Alaska and our people, I think it would be a good way to rectify the situation,” – said the representative of Alaska in the working group “Alliance Alaska-Hawaii for self-determination” Ronald Barnes to the meeting in the Swiss press club in Geneva.
“Our culture is suppressed. However, US actions are directed not only against our culture but also of world peace, because Hawaii hosts the military base of Pearl Harbor. During military exercises they pollute our land and water. From this people get sick. This is an abuse of our land and people. We don’t want to be a part of the war machine”, – said the representative of Hawaii Leon Siu.
In an interview with TASS, Barnes stressed that Alaska and Russia have a lot of common in history, culture and religion. “I am Orthodox”, he said in Russian. Continuing in English, he said that many of his relatives have Russian names and Russian words are used, for example, “handkerchief” and “oil”. “We believe that the Russians could help us, said Barnes. “The year 2017 will mark 150 years since the sale of Alaska by Russia to the USA. If we could, working with the Russians, provide the truth about what really happened in history and reject the distorted concepts about Alaska and our people, I think it would be a good way to fix the situation.” According to Barnes, Alaska could become “a neutral state lying between Russia and the West”.
Recall that Alaska became part of the USA in 1867. Prior to that, it was under the control of the Russian-American company, but was sold by the Tsarist government. The state is home to 88 thousand representatives of indigenous peoples, including Eskimos, Aleuts and Indians.
The Hawaiian Islands were annexed by the USA in 1900. They received statehood in 1959, before the island functioned as a self-governing territory. The proportion of remaining indigenous population in Hawaii does not exceed 10% of the 1360 thousand total population of the Islands.
Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Fight the Shadows

We fight too often among ourselves, without progress.

And not accidentally: we must struggle to recognize the enemy ain't simply the fool delivering bad news, or the person nearby with a different strategy. The true enemy profits from our confusion. That fucker deliberately sows trouble among us.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Squatting on Our Land?

The wider community in Hawai'i has a huge range of opinion about Native Hawaiians. The indigenous people had a robust society & ancient culture. Our Kingdom, internationally-recognized, militarily-neutral, was illegally overthrown by Yankee-backed businessmen. The nation is now occupied by the USA and U.S. military, who still wish to suppress Hawaiian self-determination through misinformation, intimidation, and a full range of dirty tricks. Damn Yankees!

I'm Native Hawaiian. I'm not a lawyer, so can't comment properly on law, and even less on Yankee Law. But it seems we should have legal standing based upon the fact our inheritance was stolen. That an aggrieved group / injured party of Native Hawaiians combine to seek relief is not "racial discrimination" or "based solely upon race!" any more than if a family combined to seek justice. Yes, the family share a racial dimension, but is that license to steal from them?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Storm in Fiji

American media dishes us up many hours of grim anticipation on severe US East Coast snowfalls where they've built infrastructure to handle storms.

Our Pacific cousins in Fiji are suffering a monster storm almost ignored by media. Even if we only send them a prayer -- they don't suffer alone.

Cyclone Winston battered Fiji from 20 - 22 February,
killing 44 people & leaving 112,800 homeless.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Is Aloha Threatened?

Today's Hawai'i must face a strategic question:
Is Aloha Threatened? 

We Native Hawaiians brought Aloha to the wider world, and now Our Aloha is a key part of the visitor & hospitality industries. But during this long foreign Occupation of Hawaii, Yankee has grabbed far more than any contribution. Aloha has become systematically incommensurate, and rudely commodified. Loss of Our Aloha could have serious & negative repercussions for business and investors. Loss of aloha forces reconsideration of many social relations. Too many injustices have been heaped upon us. The wider community should be returning key Hawaiian lands.

Is our aloha forcibly & permanently appropriated along with our lands? Should Oahu have a dozen military golf courses, or six, or zero? Close down all military golf courses, especially those on stolen Hawaiian lands. I further believe the extensive military installation on Waikiki Beach & Hale Koa Hotel are horrible symbols of Yankee occupation.

[ quote from ]
Aloha! Overlooking the turquoise waters of world famous Waikiki beach, the Hale Koa Hotel is nestled on a 72-acre tropical oasis fronting the finest stretch of beach in Waikiki.

HISTORY   Fort DeRussy has evolved immensely from 1906, when it was sold as a 72-acre parcel of “undesirable” land ...

Sure ---
-- 72 "undesirable" acres on world-famous Waikiki Beach?
Such lies bring seven words to mind:  
Return Our Land, you thieving Yankee fuckers. 

We must beware of getting overly soft, technical, or conciliatory. We must also focus on CRIMES and continuing marginalization of Native Hawaiians on OUR islands.

Imua !     ( Forward ! )

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Why this 'Aha ? (Native Hawaiian Congress)

Why are we meeting?  In my case:
We are responding to the systematic destruction of the Native Hawaiian people and our homeland & habitat, including the aggressive seizure of our indigenous lands by outsiders such as U.S. military forces. We demand return of our lands wherever possible. We also require ongoing consultation on issues of Hawaiian heritage, and compensation for continuing misuse of our inheritance. We are drafting a proposed governing document that will protect our ancestral lands, to help provide the Native Hawaiian people and our families with better lives, and to cultivate continuing Aloha in the wider community and throughout the world.
'Aha 2016 participant
14 Feb 2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016

On the Road to 'Aha 2016

This summarizes my view of our condition, generally good-natured but impatient. Among our group we are discussing many solid steps and great designs. I hope our meetings can generate substantive future development proposals. Our role is to propose & suggest -- not to impose or rule.

We gather at the 'Aha to discuss suggestions & concerns for the future of Native Hawaiians.

We are each Native Hawaiian, each nominated by ten Native Hawaiians, part of a peaceful effort where tens of thousands of Native Hawaiian people actively participated -- until our voting process was imperiously blocked in a 5-4 injunction by the U.S. Supreme Court. Subjugation of Native Hawaiians in Hawaii is continuing.

Our combined voices are nonetheless heard worldwide: do not expect continuing silence about colonial suppression and the American militarization of our peaceful homeland. Our legacy is the beautiful Hawaiian archipelago, cherished, farmed and protected by Native Hawaiians over many centuries.

Native Hawaiians speak of struggle. We struggle against genocide; naturally we seek to avoid further destruction of our people. We've withstood deadly infections brought from overseas. We've survived occupation by hostile settlers. But we've also learned new techniques and technology, and we have welcomed many newcomers into our community with love & aloha.

We are descended from Native Hawaiians, the indigenous people of Hawaii. But we Native Hawaiians are now multiracial and multi ethnic, a peaceful community still delivering our world-famous Aloha.

We welcome visitors and non-Native friends, sharing blessings between families and the wider community. Some arrive seeking to steal from us, taking criminal advantage of Hawaiian hospitality. Sadly, some in America encourage bad behavior. We do not accept the occupation & theft of our common & Crown lands and surrounding seas.

Hawaii's indigenous & aboriginal people seek peaceful reconciliation, but we will not give up our legal claim to the lands of our ancestors we inherit as descendants. Yankee tries to block many paths with race-based claims of exclusivity. Yet most American grandchildren & great-grandkids are not kept from their inheritance simply because a qualification to inherit is greatly exclusive (e.g., descended from grandma Bush or great-grandfather Rockefeller); these others inherit through their mix of great-grandparents, only indigenous peoples in America face such prejudice and property pilferage.

We inherit responsibilities from ancestors as well as benefits. Native Hawaiians perpetuate the righteousness of our lands, protecting and nurturing wider life and the natural world. WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER. We are determined to greatly improve the pervasive health problems and substandard living conditions hobbling many Native Hawaiians.

The 150+ Native Hawaiians meeting for 'Aha 2016 are eager to help improve the lives of our families, cousins, and community. We are not empowered to institute new treaties, or to impose our decisions on anyone. Nothing we do is intended to relinquish any past, present, or future claims of sovereignty by Native Hawaiians.

Native Hawaiians belong to a family and community association stretching back many centuries, and have welcomed all races and religions.   Aloha.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Kanaka Māoli: I Support Native Hawaiian Inheritance

I'm involved in a process for Hawaiian rights, where I mean Native Hawaiian -- descendants of the indigenous Hawaiian people. I feel part of an ancient & sacred inheritance. Welcome support for our effort may be offered & received by temporary visitors, American soldiers billeted in Hawaii, recent immigrants, and the families of naturalized Hawaiian Kingdom citizens, etc. But I'm not working for them.

Sorry to be a naysayer, and appear disrespectful.

I'm tempted to say "the more the merrier" because a larger group might have more success. But I believe the core constituency should define ourselves as the descendants and heirs of Hawaii's indigenous or aboriginal people, Kanaka Māoli.

We can hope many social groups will call for the recovery of Native Hawaiian lands. I hope people in other nations will also care about and work for our welfare. We've been very accommodating, with reason to hope others have noticed. Aloha is a well-known reflection of Hawaiian values.

Native Hawaiians worked for centuries on the islands. Naturalized newcomers to the Hawaiian Kingdom joined at a time of great disturbance and cultural genocide. They brought help and new ideas, and many have been great neighbors. But some worked to destroy the Hawaiian Kingdom:

The US 1910 Census (at least in Hawaii) intrusively required answers to "Color or race" and "Place of Birth" as well as places of birth for mother and father, and two questions on Citizenship (Year of immigration to Hawaii or other part of United States) (Whether naturalized or alien). A dozen years before, and since 1893, heavily armed paramilitary groups had commandeered all major streets around Honolulu to discourage uppity or defiant natives resisting the overthrow. Should we divisively examine the community at the time of overthrow and make decisions about treason or saintliness, clouded by time and generation gaps? No naturalized citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom remain alive. We've no possibilities to cross-examine. What are appropriate penalties? Could we be fair?

Many descendants of Hawaiian Kingdom naturalized citizens now have a "place at the table" through intermarriage with da kine. Kindly requesting others to wait seems not terribly cruel when the glaring status quo alternative is we recover nothing of our inheritance. Of course, we can share freely, and show aloha to anyone (or everyone). But that approach has not proven wholly successful...

Our Native Hawaiian constituency has claims as indigenous people that receive separate scrutiny in the global community and at the United Nations. We share solidarity with native peoples elsewhere. We've been robbed of ancestral lands & our inheritance by extravagant military occupation... a resonant story worldwide.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Peaceful Thinking - Don't Race

It's difficult to root-out indoctrination. Powers wielded over us may be unrecognized.

Opponents of our process to assist Native Hawaiian people are arguing (even repeatedly to the U.S. Supreme Court) we're racist and nasty.  I don't see it.

Our activities have a qualifying condition. Sitting at a family breakfast table also has certain requirement(s). Our wider society abounds with prerequisites. Virginia won't issue a driver's license to someone who's never been there. Male golfers aren't allowed to compete in the LPGA Championship. It's not possible everyone becomes a Roman Catholic priest. The Muscular Dystrophy Association only funds certain people. Voting rights are denied to many Americans due to supposedly insufficient age.

Kamehameha Schools have admission requirements. But children of many backgrounds are admitted. We could analyze a class and regroup the members in dozens, perhaps hundreds of ways.

Look around in American society and you'll see many doors closed. Most require money to enter: no money, no entry. Think of $10,000-per-plate political dinners.

Very few doors require Native Hawaiian ancestry. We belong to a family and community association stretching back many centuries, and have welcomed all races and religions. 

Celebrate Our Aloha.

Friday, January 15, 2016



Da kine puaʻa warriors
Gathered angry for a fight
Some had felt a taste of freedom
They'd been cooped-up very tight...

One wee piglet cursed another
Causing pushes, pokes & bite
Hid by pounding waves & jet wash
Master sniggers in the night...

"You are giving up our kingdom!"
Screamed one captive at his kin
In the brawl he gored their cousin
Disregarding who would win.

"Keep on holding-out forever!"
Counseled military swine...
As they gated off our country
Forcing total redesign.

Fruitful common lands, so long our own
Paved anew with Yankee trash
Native woes; whole families drowning
Kept afloat with drabs of cash.

Let's ask ourselves: Who's got my Land?
Who's actually our foe?
It is not Kanaka Māoli
It's Commander G.I. Joe

Weep for grunts & front-line sailors
Who face danger everyday
Heavy global fighting forces
Serving Corporate USA

Angry factions; much infighting
Battle on abusively
Goaded grossly by deceptions
Hatched in Washington, D.C.

Wave your protest signs at Nimitz
Or the Pentagon's front gate!
Ain't your cousin who's the problem
WE must make our country great.

We inherit much around us
But it's started now to rot
Celebrate all things Hawaiian
Or we'll die an afterthought.

We'll wake up one lovely morning
Just poor pigs, and mighty glum
And we'll sniff a tasty breakfast
Of the sausage we'll become.

With our blood of mighty warriors 
And consensus we can share
We are heirs Aloha ʻĀina
We must steadily prepare.

Let's push back from Occupation.
Native land & worldwide seeds
As a fresh Hawaiian Nation
Making good our local needs.

by Genki

Monday, January 11, 2016

Crushing Native Hawaiians?

What might grow from stifling peaceful Native Hawaiian efforts?

Native Hawaiians are seeking to hold a convention to discuss their future. They've been hampered by a pending lawsuit, AKINA, KELI’I, ET AL. V. HAWAII, ET AL., and intervention by the USA. The Akina troop continues to solicit aid from distant forces. Militarist-controlled Hawaii remains on alert for dictates by the U.S. Supreme Court in far-off Washington, D.C.

What's their goal?  To aggressively cutoff peaceful discussions will force Native Hawaiian people to crisis: to forget high crimes against the Hawaiian nation; to forget felony theft of sacred lands, whole districts, entire islands --- often to serve an externally-imposed military; to forget Queen, culture, heritage and inheritance; and to accept life as standard-issue dark Americans... or to struggle & fight in other ways, perhaps less peaceably.

We who hope to gather are friendly, hopeful Hawaiians seeking peaceful solutions to deep-rooted problems. We're forbidden from counting the ballots cast in our recent election by edict of the U.S. Supreme Court (2 Dec 2015 by 5-4 split), which hides the legitimacy stemming from many many thousands of Native Hawaiians exercising freedom to vote & select spokespersons.

A key question is obscured by Anti-Hawaiian rhetoric: who should participate in choosing Native Hawaiian spokespersons?

The seriousness of the fight to silence us signifies fear. The clamor indicates we've many active enemies. But we continue to search for peaceful solutions and to spread aloha. Is it wise at this stage to crush our efforts? 



Sunday, January 10, 2016

Coalitions & Common Dreams of Freedom

Hawaiian struggles against military occupation have taken many decades.

I just watched a film tonight on TV ("Pride" 2014) about how gay activists assisted Welsh coalminers & their families during the 1984-85 UK miners strike. If we Hawaiians truly expect success, we'll need help & alliances.

The Native Hawaiian fight may last long; best we share experience & successes amongst many groups.

Can we form a headquarters for global outreach & collaboration? Or shall we continue to reach out less effectively in smaller groups & individually? If we've representative people to visit other indigenous peoples elsewhere, and are able to receive similar visitors, there's much to be learned. When Hawaiians are visited by a delegation of Macuxi indians or Nordic Sami people (and vice versa) it's a great, positive international media story with focus on collaboration rather than exclusiveness. Whether or not we create an application path for official delegations, we still must get word out more widely: Native Hawaiians are not dead.

I've brought-up the annexation experience many times in Korea when teaching place marketing. Most people there wholeheartedly condemn Japan's many decades of occupation, and celebrate restoration as a recognized nation. But when I've criticized Koreans for now turning their backs on other occupied peoples, they're generally surprised. "We thought Hawaiians were very happy within the USA..." Mmm - happy as y'all were under rule from Japan!

Too many decisions on Hawaiian people & Hawaiian lands are formulated half-a-world away in Washington D.C. by people who know little about local needs and care nothing of our history or for making things right. Peaceful change will require sustained, strategic & concerted efforts. Coalition-building is a key to success.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

THEFT in Hawaii

Other peoples in the USA can peacefully assemble, inherit, and enjoy living in stable communities. But the Hawaiian experience is fractured by confiscation of land for military bases and unrestricted non-resident real estate speculation -- all controlled from far-away Washington, D.C. (Justice John-Boy Roberts & the Supremes; Big Daddy Warbucks) and filtered through corporate media (Oceanic Time Warner Cable, Black Press, Hearst).

Due to election demographics our State of Hawaii elected leaders cannot peacefully declare an ANTI MILITARIST position (even if they felt that way)...

Hawaii has far too many mammoth U.S. military bases. Hawaii houses many tens of thousands of U.S. Armed Forces. They & their dependents are a potent voting force (one of many criticisms against the illegal statehood vote). Militarism is of course also an important source of State revenue, and business with the military seems essential to many local enterprises.
Let me add mandatory disclaimers of not personally heaping blame on individual soldiers, or even on military preparedness. But I'd prefer the US military were cut 60% or more, and withdrawn from overseas to the U.S. mainland. Arms dealers contrarily insist America is weak and needs upward of three to five times the present military budget.
The fortified violence of U.S. militarism in Hawaii balances precariously with marketing Vacationland Paradise.

When we threaten to rock the boat, however peacefully, entrenched powers can be expected to criticize (or worse). Big corporate media may take the worst possible perspective on our dilemma.
There's no need for community polarization. The USA should stop blocking Native Hawaiian inheritance. We're seeking redress from THEFT -- how is that racial?