Friday, January 15, 2016



Da kine puaʻa warriors
Gathered angry for a fight
Some had felt a taste of freedom
They'd been cooped-up very tight...

One wee piglet cursed another
Causing pushes, pokes & bite
Hid by pounding waves & jet wash
Master sniggers in the night...

"You are giving up our kingdom!"
Screamed one captive at his kin
In the brawl he gored their cousin
Disregarding who would win.

"Keep on holding-out forever!"
Counseled military swine...
As they gated off our country
Forcing total redesign.

Fruitful common lands, so long our own
Paved anew with Yankee trash
Native woes; whole families drowning
Kept afloat with drabs of cash.

Let's ask ourselves: Who's got my Land?
Who's actually our foe?
It is not Kanaka Māoli
It's Commander G.I. Joe

Weep for grunts & front-line sailors
Who face danger everyday
Heavy global fighting forces
Serving Corporate USA

Angry factions; much infighting
Battle on abusively
Goaded grossly by deceptions
Hatched in Washington, D.C.

Wave your protest signs at Nimitz
Or the Pentagon's front gate!
Ain't your cousin who's the problem
WE must make our country great.

We inherit much around us
But it's started now to rot
Celebrate all things Hawaiian
Or we'll die an afterthought.

We'll wake up one lovely morning
Just poor pigs, and mighty glum
And we'll sniff a tasty breakfast
Of the sausage we'll become.

With our blood of mighty warriors 
And consensus we can share
We are heirs Aloha ʻĀina
We must steadily prepare.

Let's push back from Occupation.
Native land & worldwide seeds
As a fresh Hawaiian Nation
Making good our local needs.

by Genki