Thursday, January 28, 2016

On the Road to 'Aha 2016

This summarizes my view of our condition, generally good-natured but impatient. Among our group we are discussing many solid steps and great designs. I hope our meetings can generate substantive future development proposals. Our role is to propose & suggest -- not to impose or rule.

We gather at the 'Aha to discuss suggestions & concerns for the future of Native Hawaiians.

We are each Native Hawaiian, each nominated by ten Native Hawaiians, part of a peaceful effort where tens of thousands of Native Hawaiian people actively participated -- until our voting process was imperiously blocked in a 5-4 injunction by the U.S. Supreme Court. Subjugation of Native Hawaiians in Hawaii is continuing.

Our combined voices are nonetheless heard worldwide: do not expect continuing silence about colonial suppression and the American militarization of our peaceful homeland. Our legacy is the beautiful Hawaiian archipelago, cherished, farmed and protected by Native Hawaiians over many centuries.

Native Hawaiians speak of struggle. We struggle against genocide; naturally we seek to avoid further destruction of our people. We've withstood deadly infections brought from overseas. We've survived occupation by hostile settlers. But we've also learned new techniques and technology, and we have welcomed many newcomers into our community with love & aloha.

We are descended from Native Hawaiians, the indigenous people of Hawaii. But we Native Hawaiians are now multiracial and multi ethnic, a peaceful community still delivering our world-famous Aloha.

We welcome visitors and non-Native friends, sharing blessings between families and the wider community. Some arrive seeking to steal from us, taking criminal advantage of Hawaiian hospitality. Sadly, some in America encourage bad behavior. We do not accept the occupation & theft of our common & Crown lands and surrounding seas.

Hawaii's indigenous & aboriginal people seek peaceful reconciliation, but we will not give up our legal claim to the lands of our ancestors we inherit as descendants. Yankee tries to block many paths with race-based claims of exclusivity. Yet most American grandchildren & great-grandkids are not kept from their inheritance simply because a qualification to inherit is greatly exclusive (e.g., descended from grandma Bush or great-grandfather Rockefeller); these others inherit through their mix of great-grandparents, only indigenous peoples in America face such prejudice and property pilferage.

We inherit responsibilities from ancestors as well as benefits. Native Hawaiians perpetuate the righteousness of our lands, protecting and nurturing wider life and the natural world. WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER. We are determined to greatly improve the pervasive health problems and substandard living conditions hobbling many Native Hawaiians.

The 150+ Native Hawaiians meeting for 'Aha 2016 are eager to help improve the lives of our families, cousins, and community. We are not empowered to institute new treaties, or to impose our decisions on anyone. Nothing we do is intended to relinquish any past, present, or future claims of sovereignty by Native Hawaiians.

Native Hawaiians belong to a family and community association stretching back many centuries, and have welcomed all races and religions.   Aloha.