Thursday, January 21, 2016

Peaceful Thinking - Don't Race

It's difficult to root-out indoctrination. Powers wielded over us may be unrecognized.

Opponents of our process to assist Native Hawaiian people are arguing (even repeatedly to the U.S. Supreme Court) we're racist and nasty.  I don't see it.

Our activities have a qualifying condition. Sitting at a family breakfast table also has certain requirement(s). Our wider society abounds with prerequisites. Virginia won't issue a driver's license to someone who's never been there. Male golfers aren't allowed to compete in the LPGA Championship. It's not possible everyone becomes a Roman Catholic priest. The Muscular Dystrophy Association only funds certain people. Voting rights are denied to many Americans due to supposedly insufficient age.

Kamehameha Schools have admission requirements. But children of many backgrounds are admitted. We could analyze a class and regroup the members in dozens, perhaps hundreds of ways.

Look around in American society and you'll see many doors closed. Most require money to enter: no money, no entry. Think of $10,000-per-plate political dinners.

Very few doors require Native Hawaiian ancestry. We belong to a family and community association stretching back many centuries, and have welcomed all races and religions. 

Celebrate Our Aloha.