Saturday, February 20, 2016

Is Aloha Threatened?

Today's Hawai'i must face a strategic question:
Is Aloha Threatened? 

We Native Hawaiians brought Aloha to the wider world, and now Our Aloha is a key part of the visitor & hospitality industries. But during this long foreign Occupation of Hawaii, Yankee has grabbed far more than any contribution. Aloha has become systematically incommensurate, and rudely commodified. Loss of Our Aloha could have serious & negative repercussions for business and investors. Loss of aloha forces reconsideration of many social relations. Too many injustices have been heaped upon us. The wider community should be returning key Hawaiian lands.

Is our aloha forcibly & permanently appropriated along with our lands? Should Oahu have a dozen military golf courses, or six, or zero? Close down all military golf courses, especially those on stolen Hawaiian lands. I further believe the extensive military installation on Waikiki Beach & Hale Koa Hotel are horrible symbols of Yankee occupation.

[ quote from ]
Aloha! Overlooking the turquoise waters of world famous Waikiki beach, the Hale Koa Hotel is nestled on a 72-acre tropical oasis fronting the finest stretch of beach in Waikiki.

HISTORY   Fort DeRussy has evolved immensely from 1906, when it was sold as a 72-acre parcel of “undesirable” land ...

Sure ---
-- 72 "undesirable" acres on world-famous Waikiki Beach?
Such lies bring seven words to mind:  
Return Our Land, you thieving Yankee fuckers. 

We must beware of getting overly soft, technical, or conciliatory. We must also focus on CRIMES and continuing marginalization of Native Hawaiians on OUR islands.

Imua !     ( Forward ! )