Saturday, January 09, 2016

THEFT in Hawaii

Other peoples in the USA can peacefully assemble, inherit, and enjoy living in stable communities. But the Hawaiian experience is fractured by confiscation of land for military bases and unrestricted non-resident real estate speculation -- all controlled from far-away Washington, D.C. (Justice John-Boy Roberts & the Supremes; Big Daddy Warbucks) and filtered through corporate media (Oceanic Time Warner Cable, Black Press, Hearst).

Due to election demographics our State of Hawaii elected leaders cannot peacefully declare an ANTI MILITARIST position (even if they felt that way)...

Hawaii has far too many mammoth U.S. military bases. Hawaii houses many tens of thousands of U.S. Armed Forces. They & their dependents are a potent voting force (one of many criticisms against the illegal statehood vote). Militarism is of course also an important source of State revenue, and business with the military seems essential to many local enterprises.
Let me add mandatory disclaimers of not personally heaping blame on individual soldiers, or even on military preparedness. But I'd prefer the US military were cut 60% or more, and withdrawn from overseas to the U.S. mainland. Arms dealers contrarily insist America is weak and needs upward of three to five times the present military budget.
The fortified violence of U.S. militarism in Hawaii balances precariously with marketing Vacationland Paradise.

When we threaten to rock the boat, however peacefully, entrenched powers can be expected to criticize (or worse). Big corporate media may take the worst possible perspective on our dilemma.
There's no need for community polarization. The USA should stop blocking Native Hawaiian inheritance. We're seeking redress from THEFT -- how is that racial?