Monday, January 11, 2016

Crushing Native Hawaiians?

What might grow from stifling peaceful Native Hawaiian efforts?

Native Hawaiians are seeking to hold a convention to discuss their future. They've been hampered by a pending lawsuit, AKINA, KELI’I, ET AL. V. HAWAII, ET AL., and intervention by the USA. The Akina troop continues to solicit aid from distant forces. Militarist-controlled Hawaii remains on alert for dictates by the U.S. Supreme Court in far-off Washington, D.C.

What's their goal?  To aggressively cutoff peaceful discussions will force Native Hawaiian people to crisis: to forget high crimes against the Hawaiian nation; to forget felony theft of sacred lands, whole districts, entire islands --- often to serve an externally-imposed military; to forget Queen, culture, heritage and inheritance; and to accept life as standard-issue dark Americans... or to struggle & fight in other ways, perhaps less peaceably.

We who hope to gather are friendly, hopeful Hawaiians seeking peaceful solutions to deep-rooted problems. We're forbidden from counting the ballots cast in our recent election by edict of the U.S. Supreme Court (2 Dec 2015 by 5-4 split), which hides the legitimacy stemming from many many thousands of Native Hawaiians exercising freedom to vote & select spokespersons.

A key question is obscured by Anti-Hawaiian rhetoric: who should participate in choosing Native Hawaiian spokespersons?

The seriousness of the fight to silence us signifies fear. The clamor indicates we've many active enemies. But we continue to search for peaceful solutions and to spread aloha. Is it wise at this stage to crush our efforts?