Monday, February 29, 2016

Squatting on Our Land?

The wider community in Hawai'i has a huge range of opinion about Native Hawaiians. The indigenous people had a robust society & ancient culture. Our Kingdom, internationally-recognized, militarily-neutral, was illegally overthrown by Yankee-backed businessmen. The nation is now occupied by the USA and U.S. military, who still wish to suppress Hawaiian self-determination through misinformation, intimidation, and a full range of dirty tricks. Damn Yankees!

I'm Native Hawaiian. I'm not a lawyer, so can't comment properly on law, and even less on Yankee Law. But it seems we should have legal standing based upon the fact our inheritance was stolen. That an aggrieved group / injured party of Native Hawaiians combine to seek relief is not "racial discrimination" or "based solely upon race!" any more than if a family combined to seek justice. Yes, the family share a racial dimension, but is that license to steal from them?