Friday, September 12, 2014

Scotland Corgi

Scotland can soon choose freedom, or continue as lapdog of bigger interests. The Queen keeps her dogs; others keep a donkey in their garden. Too often & for too long, English nobs kept a Scot as bootblack and butler, kept at the edges of the country estate as a beater for the hunt.

Ayeland - vote YES

We can't fully know what will happen, but the bosses are irritated. MegaMedia Corp. paints images of danger. But generations of English dominance haven't stripped-away the pioneering spirit. Scotland as junior partner? No thank you Mum.

Brit politicos love the Treaty of Union while government resides rigidly in London; are they willing from 2020 to switch overall administration between London & Edinburgh every 10 years?

Scotland can afford independence. It's now a colony.

Scotland the Brave

vote YES