Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Karzai Kicks

Hamid Karzai, outgoing President of Afghanistan, declared after 13 years he was done pimping for American military interests in Afghanistan and the wider region: "This is not our war - it is a foreigners' war."

US Ambassador James B. Cunningham proclaimed Karzai "ungracious and ungrateful"...

Yankee highrollers feel their own dog's bitten them. But Karzai is surely correct to warn his successors. "My advice to the next government is to be very careful with America and the West..." 

Bravo Hamid Karzai !

America's held hostage by militarists (as is Afghanistan). Industrialists and their parasites keep America permanently at war. Unnecessary, brutal, costly, and foolish, every American becomes a target of those who survive our repeated tramplings. The US Government has no proper business with distant tribal disputes, and should leave local people to find their own solutions. We're told repeatedly - Get Out ! Yankee Go Home. Let's stop the madness and bring our armies home. We should fully withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other killing fields.