Saturday, September 27, 2014


Many people around the world have experienced overdose with alcohol consumption. It's odd that in English we rarely use that term overdose in such circumstances, even when drunkenness results in death.

Alcohol is a dangerous drug. What level of consumption amounts to overdose?

Surely someone who drinks alcohol, falls down and injures themselves can be considered to have overdosed? Or vomits from drink? What of the case when a drinker feels slightly nauseous the following day?

More carefully designating OD (overdose) might put a damper on partying. Would you modify your alcohol intake behavior to avoid admitting to overdose? There are many ways to have fun without Bacchus at center stage (Stockholm's alcohol-free club made news today). Dig deep and be more creative when partying... I'm personally unwilling to say booze is always bad, yet I try to design drinking patterns to limit my own consumption.