Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Carl Bildt Fails

Carl Bildt, Sweden's outgoing Foreign Minister, was reportedly behind efforts to bully the Swedish Right Livelihood Award foundation for choosing to award the 2014 prize to Edward Snowden. The prize announcement, traditionally held at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in central Stockholm, was hurriedly banned. National broadcaster SVT was uncommonly blunt to report criticism of Bildt's interference (link; although this report itself has been toned down & edited subsequent to first publication, dropping mention of unattributed comments by Bildt's colleagues).

Yet not all Swedes are butt-buddies of the USA and keen on secretive government.

Snowden, the American whistle-blower who exposed global mass surveillance, is joint honorary laureate with Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian. Edward Snowden will hopefully accept his prize this December in Sweden's Parliament.

Right Livelihood Award Laureates (link) have often been under personal threat. Many patriotically call attention to illegal operations by rogue elements in their own government. Bildt & company's censorship tactics would seem to give Sweden a black eye, but it shows we must struggle to maintain independence & transparency. Surely many Swedes don't grovel  & submit to the USA's New World Order like Carl Bildt.