Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Abe the Fool Boy

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has shown he's not only a fool, but a danger to people in Japan.

Abe & Co. are working hard to get Japan's nuclear reactors back online, and beefing-up Japanese military efforts overseas. Politicians politicians pushing policies both unpopular & dangerously foolish.

Japan's nuclear industry is a bastard offspring from decades of LDP rule, and Japan's Liberal Democratic Party continues to poison the nation with feeble leadership. Abe is like George W. Bush: privileged thin-blooded child of a mediocre politician; more concerned with media & image than with the well-being & survival of his constituents.

Meanwhile, a volcano erupts in the center of Japan, killing dozens of day hikers. The government had offered no warning, provides minimal assistance, and now merely states Japan has lots of volcanoes...

We see twenty people lined-up holding blankets to screen victims being carried from helicopters to ambulances. At the same time, an unknown number of people remain trapped & unhelped on the mountainside.

We hear reports over many days of people found with no heartbeat and not breathing - but not considered dead (Days have passed - where are the Japanese government-licensed medical practitioners who can formally declare death?)  Japan has a huge "self-defense" or military budget, but we see minimal rescue effort using mobile breathing systems & infrared goggles to find living victims. Why is robotic monitoring wholly beyond Japan's capability? And the people trapped would be thankful of rescue from any source - why not utilize the U.S. military, with many thousands of troops in Japan?

The world watches & wonders at Japan's bureaucracy & the inhumanity of government.

Japan looks uncaring, slow and foolish; politician Abe is poster boy.