Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rösta för skolan

The Alliance rules Sweden with an iron fist, encouraged by secret agencies of the US government. In eight years they've done nothing positive for Sweden's schools. Jackshit.Now they pretend to care?

School rust & decline is due to the Moderates, Kristdemokraterna, Center & Folkpartiet, who focus on dealmaking among their own elite. Professed care for schooling is fake & soon abandoned. They've immersed schools in the political process. School owners withdraw government-supplied funds as profits, and do so now when threatened. The kids are simple poker chips.

Good teachers now have impossible jobs.

Rusted Swedish schools only exist because of an uncaring & profit-hungry political Alliance. Don't be deceived by SPAM messages & sudden smiling politico posters. Our ruling class will suck you dry. Modest savings = honey to such parasites. We've a gamble.loving Alliance fueled only by Wealth. With rot hastily painted-over, they push advertising at us: professional politicians boldly insist (after eight years of free lunches) they now ready to work.

Folkpartiet especially is a zombie, diseased & dangerous to all. They're already an eight-year illness afflicting Sweden's children ...
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