Thursday, March 23, 2017

Yankee SLAVE Schmuck, Wake Up

America's people are enslaved.
The US medical profession grabbed monopoly control of lifesaving drugs & technologies, and constructed huge barriers limiting entry to the profession. In Yankeeland, Medical help is now priced exorbitantly. Most elsewhere in the world, medical help is seen as a human right -- cheap & available to all.

Every American will die.

Of course, sometime soon each of us will die, as every person on earth has died.

Americans suffer before death, virtually raped -- the medical cartel empties our pockets and burns-up our essential energies & resources. Democrats & Republicans must watch their lives consumed by the doctoring profession & so-called health insurance companies. They've forbidden and outlawed self-medication. Where's the freedom in that?

Foolish America elected such cruelty.

Now many Americans cannot switch employers, and can't afford to lose their job because they might lose employer-funded health insurance. Your life of careful frugality will be dismantled by terminal health care costs.

Sorry reality is rough:  but Yankee, you are a senseless Slave.