Monday, March 06, 2017

Corrupted Japan ?

Japan's Ministry of Finance reportedly sold land in Osaka to an ultra right-wing organization with close ties to Prime Minister Shinzō Abe & his wife Akie. As the land was sold far below its appraised value, the uncommon deal at first was kept secret (link).

Akie Abe, nicknamed "Akky" was named Honorary President of a planned school that would inculcate Shinto values into the curriculum and student life. At one point the ultranationalist school was to be named for Prime Minister Abe.

Now the sweetheart deal is coming apart. Did serious pollution (buried garbage) create the low price? What was done with the pollutants, and is the site now safe for children? Does Moritomo Gakuen threaten children's health?

[ Land valued at ¥956 million was sold for ¥134 million to the far-right corporation, supposedly because buried garbage reduced the value. And before the land was sold, the government gave ¥131.76 million to Moritomo Gakuen toward decontamination. Something rotten... ]

How much has the "Akheed Scandal" dirtied Japan's government? It appears the tentacles of ultranationalism and Nippon Kaigi have reached deeply into the Ministry of Finance, Osaka Prefecture, and Japan's Board of Audit. But perhaps not -- at least some people feel this case is an unreasonable insider scandal...


There seems unexplained corruption, and criminal misreporting with links to Japan's highest politicians and bureaucracy. How deeply implicated are the right-wing Abe and his Defense Minister Tomomi Inada? Abe's wife Akie already appears dirty. Yasunori Kagoike should testify before the Japanese Diet to explain his activities.Reuters reports that Kagoike is the head of the Osaka branch of Nippon Kaigi; who knows what dirty garbage might emerge from Kagoike's sworn testimony?

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