Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ultrarightist Spawn

Japanese parents have been proud of their kids attending Moritomo Gakuen schools.

But now it's clear those schools have focused both on national pride and also hate of China & Korea. Unless parents strongly question such ultra-nationalist education, their children will be labeled "ultra-right" throughout their life. Is this fair?

Further lies & extreme administrative & financial manipulations of the parent organization have dirtied everyone concerned.

Parents can rehabilitate their children by coming clean about the Moritomo nationalism scandal.

Surely PM Abe & Defense Minister Inada should at least RESIGN, for the good of Japan. Their acts are shameful.

Far-right corruption ignores accountability. These fools are dangerous - demanding citizen sacrifice but living richly themselves. True Remorse in the days of 大和魂 was expressed through hara-kiri. But these people are punks, チンピラ以下.

Sorry for non-Japanese: weasels in trouble for corruption include Shinzō Abe (Prime Minister of Japan & his wife), Tomomi Inada (Japan's Defense Minister) & Yasunori Kagoike (of Moritomo Gakuen & shadowy Nippon Kaigi). Self-proclaimed Ultranationalists who've deeply damaged Japan.