Thursday, March 23, 2017

Paying for illegal immigration Crime

The legal system & rule of law apply to all within a jurisdiction. We should all scoff at recent headlines of President Trump "Not Above the Law" (reportedly asserted by US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch).  Who would suggest Trump & Co. are above the law?

Are undocumented / illegal immigrants above the law?

I believe a nation (and a family) has the right to limit access and residency. Those who broke US immigration laws and entered the country illegally may be otherwise good people. But the USA has good reason to send them away. Many citizens hesitate to invest in communities where the citizenry has totally lost control. If anyone can break the law, freely enter, and take resources, local energies are quickly sapped by outsiders.

(I'm in favor of refugee support. But refugees should be screened & registered, with costs widely distributed).

I'd go further than simply deporting undocumented / illegal immigrants. Such people should pay enforcement costs.

Better such people go voluntarily & independently. Undocumented non-citizens will more likely depart on their own if otherwise held liable for their deportation processing fees (and their share of overhead fees, perhaps $5000 to $150,000)...