Friday, March 10, 2017

Korea Topples its Tyrant

Park Geun-hye has been removed as President of South Korea.
Good riddance!

Park was a despot. Her "election" was orchestrated by her predecessor's government, the Grand National / Saenuri Party & President Lee Myeong-bak 이명박. Korea's 2012 presidential election was globally infamous for criminal interference, as the government used a team of 70 agents from Korea's National Intelligence Service to spread lies about the opposition candidate and talk up Ms. Park Geun-hye. These Psychological Warfare Division Cyber Warfare Command agents were later assisted by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Office, whose coverup was surmounted by Korea's Supreme Prosecutor's Office. Sounds dirty ?  It was probably worse.

Park is vindictive and anti-democratic. She interfered in the livelihood of thousands of artists and entertainers by reportedly placing them on a blacklisted enemies list (link). Her right-wing government declared the 60,000-member Korean Teachers’ & Education Workers’ Union (KTU) illegal (link), and systematically sought to destroy it.

Who were the strategists forcing the dark Park right-wing regressive agenda?

Park was partly propped-up by her crony Choi Soon-sil (최순실). But Yankee may at least be partly responsible... America's position in Korea requires knowledge of all such dirt.

Is the USA more actively involved? (as with Park's father, General Park Chung-hee, Korea's dictatorial former president). One day we should know more ...