Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Barry the Blade" Obama

US President Barack Obama is lauded by his supporters for greatly improving the USA and its economy, using data measured from the collapse of the Bush regime.

That collusive disaster was orchestrated by Republicans, but where major Democrats (such as Sen. Hillary Clinton) fed lavishly to gain nourishment & resources. Obama himself sadly leaves a soiled legacy.

Obama's "successes" are largely built on sand: the national infrastructure is eroding, huge funds continue to pour uselessly into overseas militarism & so-called defense, while the American people have become progressively more brutal and hopeless.

Emperor Obama has given corporations precedence over citizens, letting the interests of big capital discuss & compose the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) in government-protected secrecy. That agreement would further severely limit the USA and other democracies from controlling our own futures. Bad bad bad.

Uncovering the secret operations of US democracy has been horrible. Obama and his government coverup murder, mayhem, torture, illegal spying, and improper collaboration with foreign intelligence services, while whistle-blowers try to shine light on American corruption.

These people helping our citizenry were systematically crushed. Responsibility lies at the elegantly-shod feet of Barry Obama.

Obama can issue presidential clemency & pardons to people who've fought against the Dark Side, (including):
Ed Snowden
Chelsea Manning
Julian Assange

Obama can still rescue a positive legacy... Pardon the People's Heroes.

Snowden, Manning, Assange: Presidential Pardons Please.