Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Eating Sand

Nobody wants to die needlessly or foolishly.

"War Hero" families help cultivate myths of justified butchery.

But nobody wants to DIE EATING SAND.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and US President George W. Bush, were officially exposed as war criminals today: 6 July 2016, in Sir John Chilcot's report of The Iraq Inquiry.

Bush, Blair & cronies tried mightily to mislead the world from the earliest stages of planning the war in Iraq, tossing sand in our eyes when they themselves were dirty. Remember the Powell deception? (link and transcript) All was widely reported at that time, but many poor suckers did not understand -- and were sent away to die. Rest in Peace if possible.

Among the many voices against the war in early 2003, the UK Leader of the House of Commons, MP Robin Cook, was perhaps most explicit. But his warnings went unheeded, and hundreds of thousands of people have died...

Here's (mp3) Cook's highly-remarkable speech in the House of Commons:
Robin Cook resigns over Iraq attack plan 2003-03-17.mp3

and a transcript:
Robin Cook resigns in order to vote against war on Iraq

Cook warned against unilateralism, bullying and wielding war in doubtful circumstances. But the munitions boys & militarists pushed us into a criminal WAR