Friday, July 01, 2016

NATO Brexit?

A majority in the UK wants to avoid supernational entanglements. Will the new UK Prime Minister be leading the nation out of both the EU & also out of NATO?

What impact will Brexit impose on the NATO alliance?
Should NATO overall be shutdown?

A prominent voice in the Boston Globe claims NATO contributes to instability as an anti-Russian behemoth pushing military solutions, when creative diplomacy is needed. America is urged by anti-interventionist author Stephen Kinzer to step back from NATO, cutoff its nearly 75% of total funding, and let Europeans develop their own security systems. America & its Western allies are being groomed to hate a preselected next enemy.

Could the disengagement process lead to curtailing the close intelligence cooperation amongst America's allies?

Will the symbiosis of the USA & its closest ally Israel bring aboard a diminished UK with less European leverage?

And for the United Nations Security Council, the UK's been gifted an unelected ("Permanent") seat with veto opportunity. Keeping representative staff in expensive New York City costs dearly, and such UNSC membership is clearly undemocratic. Perhaps UK withdrawal from the UNSC lies ahead?

Those outside can only say, "God Cheer & Tally Ho!"