Saturday, July 16, 2016

Big Bite in Turkey

The attempted coup in Turkey was triggered by the USA.
Militarist funds flows from the USA destabilize the world.
Funding foreign militaries is by definition political interference.

The plotters against President Erdoğan have watched US-backed anti-democratic "rebellions" in Egypt (against President Morsi), Honduras (against President Zelaya), Haiti (against President Aristide) and elsewhere. US military aid & "friendly relations" flow generously as democracy is subverted & crushed. Now in these dark lands, Government-directed death squads control the streets. The fresh US-backed dictator grins wickedly at news cameras and poses with the US President & top US officials.

The message clearly sent by the Obama government (and those of his predecessors) to America's hireling fascist dictators is dark, dirty, and powerful.