Friday, July 08, 2016

Racist Hate

When my parents married in Massachusetts in 1956, they were legally prohibited to marry or cohabit in 14 states -- so of the then 48 American states, they'd be criminals in 29% (my mom is mixed race, Hawaiian / Caucasian / Chinese, my dad is Caucasian). Their marriage lasted 58 years to my Dad's death.

If my mother were Negro, they were barred marriage in a further 11 states (25 total, or the majority of the then 48 states).

Such laws are gone. Most admit the USA ain't perfect, but we're nearer to ruined, economically & morally. We fund belligerent militarism around the world (via deficit spending). We've many millions of impoverished & underemployed Americans, and our dog-eat-dog democracy cultivates abiding hates & racism. Mass media and consumerism are enemies. Our ruling elite pays little heed ...
Not good at all. 
Grade: D