Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Goldmangate Returns

Corporate media is muddying the waters around the US election. Ludicrous reports of opinion polls suggest that over the weekend Clinton "extended her lead" over Trump: but three months remain before the election; with sensationalist media's bootprint, anything can change in a day or two.

Clinton is clearly a friend of the corporations, and her Goldmangate speaking engagements are likely to haunt her. Goldman-Sachs repeatedly raped the American people during the Bush regime, and belatedly agreed to pay a US$5 billion penalty (though much is a tax-deductible business expense; link).

Hillary Clinton knows how to kiss-up to big money, and her $225,000 breakfast speeches were surely designed to get her invited back again.

Nonetheless, if and when the contents of Clinton's brown-nosing are disclosed, Goldmangate could torpedo Hillary's chances for the US Presidency.

If people become strongly against her, they ignore the defects & shortcomings in the other fool.

Even The New York Times is highly critical of Mrs. Clinton's US$11 million income from the still-secret speeches. "An accountable and transparent White House" remains unlikely.