Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sport Cheats & Frauds

The USA is now critical of Russia because some of its athletes have used banned performance-enhancing drugs.

But the USA can't speak out against others, because America still shelters the notorious self-admitted cheat Lance Armstrong.

The US Postal Service sponsored Armstrong & his cycling team for many years, paying millions of dollars in support. American beauty Lance has not spent a day in prison for his admitted corruption, drug trafficking, conspiracy, threats, slander and other crimes. The Feds are still slowly seeking to recover some of their misspent millions (link). But Armstrong severely damaged the nation's reputation -- a horrible disappointment & dirty symbol to millions of former fans, a slimy embarrassment to his family and the great state of Texas. Perhaps corrupt political connections & wealth keep him from prison?

Many American cheats & frauds have been apprehended - some belatedly (such as Marion Jones) - but we can imagine many dozens, hundreds, or perhaps thousands have avoided being caught. The USA is clearly a bad judge for others when American Lance Armstrong, the most notorious sport cheat in history, has not been criminally prosecuted and continues to live fat on his ill-gotten gains.