Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Europeans !

Much news focuses on the problems of Europe. Let's think of our Progress.

We're not at WAR. Please understand the arms dealers and big-money militarists are disappointed their munitions markets have largely evaporated. The Germans are not arming themselves against the French, the Greeks against the Brits. Our young people are not conscripted for military service, then thrown into battle to be butchered.

We do not suffer from arbitrary search & seizure at each of Europe's internal borders. Those of us who remember passport controls & inquisitive customs officials are very happy those days are gone.

We can holiday easily around Europe and the wider world. We enjoy foods and products from most everywhere. We exchange information and combine our energies to minimize abuses.

I look at this Merci Zlatan! link, of a Swedish footballer in France, and recognize Europeans have much to be proud about:
Merci Zlatan!      Here's more inspiration:   Names of the World  

Of course, the Grand-père with connections seeks to boost his kin...