Monday, May 23, 2016

Artikel 48

Few Americans are familiar with the mechanics used by Hitler & the National Socialists to grab and maintain power. Using legal loopholes such as Artikel 48 and Notverordnung (emergency decree), they were able to bypass the rule of law.

Similar processes now exist in the USA. Top officials claim the US legal system is now being dangerously manipulated (link).

US National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblowers, and now a top official from the Department of Defense Inspector General's Office (John Crane) are frighteningly critical.

According to William Binney, former NSA official: "They’re saying, 'We’re doing this to protect you' -- I will tell you that that’s exactly what the Nazis said in Special Order 48 in 1933 – we’re doing this to protect you. And that’s how they got rid of all of their political opponents."

A recent article from The Guardian speaks of the whistleblowers and puts their efforts into perspective:

"These are strong statements – comparing the actions of the US government to Nazi Germany, warning of an emerging “police state” – so it’s worth remembering who made them. The NSA whistleblowers were not leftwing peace nuts. They had spent their professional lives inside the US intelligence apparatus – devoted, they thought, to the protection of the homeland and defence of the constitution. They were political conservatives, highly educated, respectful of evidence, careful with words. And they were saying, on the basis of personal experience, that the US government was being run by people who were willing to break the law and bend the state’s awesome powers to their own ends. They were saying that laws and technologies had secretly been put in place that threatened to overturn the democratic governance Americans took for granted and shrink their liberties to a vanishing point. And they were saying that something needed to be done about all this before it was too late."

Perhaps already TOO LATE? Electing Clinton or Trump can't help.
Think they got your back? You know the answer...