Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hawaiian Delegation

A range of people want Hawaiian independence. Some claim or 'demand' independence, but do nothing to rebuild the Hawaiian Nation other than criticize. Some weasels surely seek to stifle Hawaiian self-governance while claiming otherwise.

"Indigenous" as an organizing mechanism?
Some Hawaiian Kingdom supporters fight Native Hawaiian & indigenous self-government efforts. They argue the multi-ethnic Hawaiian Kingdom existing at the 1893 overthrow is supremely important. But the fight to regain indigenous rights and lands is much more than a globally recognized organizing mechanism. Those who claim to be patriots yet sacrifice Native Hawaiians are deceptive - perhaps even deceiving themselves. If their ancestors were loyal to the crown, surely justice-minded Hawaiians can & will recognize such facts.

Recognize as well that the Hawaiian community controversially integrated for a few brief decades before losing control of our nation. This happened after many centuries of our people being regional stewards to the grand Hawaiian land, seas, and surroundings.

The violent overthrow of Hawai'i's Queen Lili'uokalani was instigated by outsiders, mainly Americans. Mainstream Hawaiians actively but peaceably resisted: signing petitions, struggling to survive, regrouping elsewhere when displaced by Yankee industry or military.

The illegal Provisional Government, the Republic of Hawaii, and the subsequent US Occupation are a dark shadow over the Hawaiian archipelago. Their continuing violence and atrocities leave many imbalances. Never forget: they brought violence and a foreign military.

Hawaiians have grown distrustful. We've learned the need to carefully monitor government. But we should be able to delegate responsibilities.

Native Hawaiians have been caretakers of the islands for many hundreds of years. It is our right and our responsibility to continue. We cannot rely upon the US government in faraway Washington D.C. We're obstructed by the Yankee military machine, leaking poisons, grossly sprawled everywhere. We need a self-governing Hawaiian nation. Allowing self-government for Native Hawaiians is just, fair, and smart. 

"Citizens Guard" could be visiting foreigners - They terrorized native citizens.
Yankee used their "Citizens Guard" to keep local Hawaiians subdued  (link)