Monday, May 23, 2016

3 Reasons We Need Bernie

Various pundits are criticizing Sen. Bernie Sanders for staying active in the U.S. Presidential race although behind Sec. Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Here are three of many Reasons Sanders Should Continue:

Basic Problems with America
Sanders highlights many fundamental problems with American society, and pledges to fix them. High student tuition harms mobility and makes our social class system more rigid. Limited access to medical care shortens American lives, as does endless overseas warfare. The influence of Big Finance on the political process is corrupting. Sanders makes a strong point that many of these problems, and the reforms he proposes, are being discussed only as long as he's a candidate. If Sanders drops out, corporatists Clinton & Trump and the lapdog corporatist media will ignore such topics.

Long & Winding Road
The U.S. election process is unduly long, painful, and fundamentally unreasonable. A great many mechanisms such as gerrymandering and insider manipulations (such as the superdelegate system) are undemocratic. Voting places are poorly operated. Voters are treated with disdain - and we've become too accustomed to bad treatment by government and social services. The integrity of American democracy is simply an imaginary fiction. The voting machine scandals of Florida (2000) and Ohio (2004) are likely to recur in other states. American politics is dirty and corrupt - look carefully: it's clear we're being suckered. Sanders is drawing attention to the flawed election process, and the more we see, the more chance for true reform... as we sheep awaken.

Clinton Might Collapse
If Clinton were to be elected she'd finish her first term aged 73. She's certain to face strong opposition and frictions throughout her term. Why bother? Half or more of the nation seem to hate her. Even many of her supporters believe she's a corporate shill. Can they pay her enough? Life is short... And who knows about accidents, etc. -- Until the National Convention (and of course afterward) there are hundreds of possible misfortunes that could negatively influence any candidate. Better there's an available alternative, such as Senator Sanders, prepared to take up the torch.