Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why Big Trade Deals will Hurt You

TTIP (Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership) and TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) promise to help the world with more efficient, better trade possibilities. The so-called "level playing field" will boost business and offers the chance for lower prices. What's not to like?

Almost everything is wrong with these agreements. In an abstract sense, we're all invited to the party, but in reality, seats at the table are already taken, the room is full, the door to the outside world has deliberately been jammed, and even the street outside is blocked & monitored.

Big Business has 'helped' create these agreements, but they've each already participated to maximize their own profits. Smaller players and the general public have been outmaneuvered - deliberately, deceptively and depressingly. Corporations don't want competition; the models assume 'open markets' that can never develop because of sinister restraint of trade by megacorps.

Looking for which multinational is dirtiest? Start with the American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC (link) which works with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce pushing right-wing, worldwide Social Darwinist policies. These dinosaurs claim divine right to eat the weak. -- But when they overextended the economy and suffered potential collapse in 2007 & 2008, we had no chance to pick their bones: they forced massive bailout using public funds.

Welcome to the Party?   It's already over & the presents carted away...