Tuesday, April 19, 2016


America is ruled by the Billionaire class.

That's not strange - it's a Darwinistic society: the weak are steppingstones & fertilizer for the megawealthy and favored.

As society becomes frayed and starts to disintegrate, gaps between the top 1% and regular poor schmucks is more noticed.

Typical fools focus on declared winners, as in a sports contest, and then move on. It's a little noticed footnote that tens of thousands of voters were inexplicably purged from eligibility in the 2016 New York primary election (link). Millions more were ineligible -- only registered Democratic Party members are allowed votes in the Democratic primary (not independent voters who might typically vote Democrat). Further, voters needed to have declared as a Democrat or Republican (link) six months or more before the election. The federal lawsuit filed 18 April by Election Justice USA resulted in no substantive official assistance on New York Primary Election Day. (Last November, while a key Hawaiian election was underway, a single US Supreme Court Justice forbid vote counting & publishing results; five days later by 5-4 majority, the full US Supreme Court sustained the halt pending lower court appeal).

The 2000 Presidential election highlighted Florida's inability to count ballots (link), while brief focus in 2004 was on shenanigans in Ohio (link, and more here and here). 

Elections thus display & highlight extreme corruption.

Billionaires bought Clinton. They expect good return on investment. Hillary's a dependable cog in the Big Money Establishment, she's worked many years for Big Business & Israel, and she's sure to continue doing so. Her links to Citicorp and Goldman Sachs draw out her energies & passions as she earns big speaking fees. Hillary's a survivor of Whitewater and Goldmangate. She's wholly prepared to crack-down on America, to sternly oversee continuity, to use our federal ship of state to create a global penal colony.

The Sanders - Clinton contest is important. In many ways, it's far better we proles have rays of hope -- when lost, the mob's more likely to become unruly.