Thursday, April 21, 2016

Nation of Laws? USA in Hawai'i

The USA has a huge legal system. But the laws serve the well-connected. Justice is often absent, overlooked, or suppressed.

The 1893 takeover of the Hawaiian Kingdom was repeatedly declared illegal that year by U.S. President Grover Cleveland. In 1993, the centennial year of the illegal coup d'etat, the U.S. Congress echoed those statements with an apologetic joint resolution, also signed by the President, Public Law 103-150 (.pdf)

In a judgement publicized on an April Fool's Day, the U.S. Supreme Court forced itself on Hawai'i (Hawaii et al. v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs et al.; No. 07–1372, "certiorari" review of Supreme Court of Hawaii, decided 31 March 2009). The Yankee Supremos claimed (link) there were only two substantive provisions to the American apology, Public Law 103-150: verbiage in the first was "all conciliatory or precatory" but insufficiently enforceable. As for the second substantive provision, the far-off alien Justices used sophistry to declare distant separation between the USA and the State of Hawaii -- all while inserting their own buttinski uninvited.

This is a chronic pattern, translating as "Yankee speak with forked tongue"... And the bullshit still continues...

Another recent lawsuit has attempted to stifle Hawaiian self-determination. Native Hawaiians seeking to gather for a constitutional convention were impeded by those with differing ideas.

The legal case rose repeatedly to the U.S. Supreme Court
 (The Appellant complaint to halt the Native Hawaiian election was first denied in U.S. Federal District Court, as were repeated requests for an injunction pending appeal).

The complainants then approached the  U.S. Supreme Court with an Emergency Application for Injunction Pending Appellate Review.  The U.S. Supreme Court intervened with an injunction pending appellate review, first imposed by Justice Kennedy, and later supported by four other bums (to prevail by 5-4 majority).

The election was first extended, then cancelled (15 Dec). A new format invited 196 former candidates to the convention, and 154 people accepted.

The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously denied a subsequent effort (19 Jan) to have the revised Native Hawaiian 'Aha declared in civil contempt.

But like plague brought on a peaceful community, bleeding continues...

further history (.pdf via Grassroots Institute):
Na'i Aupuni 5 Feb 2016 brief to US District Judge J. Michael Seabright

Somehow, throughout these trials & troubles, the "Justices" overlook the fundamental illegality of them having any voice at all in Hawaiian affairs.