Thursday, April 28, 2016

Acknowledging a Supporter?

"The candidate acknowledges a supporter in the wildly cheering crowd."   Sure.  American media feeds the masses the 'distant friend' gimmick. Do voters believe? Or are we bemused & disturbed at the shenanigans, and think: Shameless!

Point my way!  Yes, this candidate really likes ME!

Within a month of gaining office, they feed us dogshit.
And say it tastes good.

Or they disappear, to the fascist state-sponsored shill hangout.

The Establishment foists grinning weasels on America. And the American people repeatedly lap it up. We want to believe. US-led genocide in Vietnam? Don't think about it. Torture & war crimes throughout the Middle East? Tom Brady's footballs were underinflated. "Folks can't get ahead..." cause our elected leaders are corporate pets.

The "Situation Room" photo was admittedly staged: there was no live video feed, Clinton, the photograph's stress & emotional highlight, or 'punctum' (link), later claimed she was merely stifling a cough or sneeze... Fool me once (link)...? Surely nothing to laugh about.