Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Distant Friend of Politicians

I'm sick of seeing political hacks practicing "Distant Friend" fellowship on the American podium.

These are people with few real friends. Are they seeing a familiar face? Or are they posing? ..acting a part, poorly... Is someone there ... or too many?

Point the finger off to the distance, Make a friendly & funny face.
For "ingratiating" numbskulls? No doubt a highly-paid political consultant coached them "try this... it works!"

The practice can be seen as ominous because these friendly faces serve America's brutal power, occupying bases around the globe, killing "when necessary" without mercy or remorse.

Remember the US government-led horrors in Vietnam? The errors of the Iraq invasion? Remember there are truly countless millions who have died - as we disregard Old Glory's underside.

When you see this blockhead maneuver practiced by the US political class, think: "Here's a dumb fucker without real respect for Americans."