Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Prepare for Disaster

(Not a post aimed at Mrs. Clinton & U.S. politics)

Last week's earthquakes in Ecuador & Japan, and yesterday's flooding in Houston, Texas, show the importance of disaster preparation.

It's best to keep rescue & safety equipment nearby, and prepare relief supplies.

But basic knowledge is also extremely important. Flooding generally means sewer & cesspool contents enter the floodwaters, so even a small cut or abrasion can have very bad consequences. In the city, manhole covers often lift from below by floodwaters - the spot becomes a mantrap, and horrible death to fall down. Waiting for rescue services in a big disaster is often inappropriate - they cannot arrive in time. Save people from collapsed wooden buildings if at all possible (link) - fire roasted alive 10% of the 6500 dead from the 1995 Kobe earthquake.   etc. etc.

Learn Now,
or be culled by coming disaster...

(Above) Two disaster photos after tsunami, Tohoku, Japan; 
(Below) Joplin, Missouri USA after tornado. Each photo is 2011.