Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Japan's March to War

Japanese Prime Minister Abe's government is enmeshed in a scandalous push to change national security laws, allowing far more overseas operations.

The legislation is 'supported' (link) by the USA, which still operates military bases throughout Japan.

In fact, it's clear Abe's a Yankee puppet. He's sometimes portrayed as right-wing, but Japan's true right wing wants to expel the Americans. There's never mention of such sovereign action by Abe's government.

Government deliberations are poorly attended by ruling LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) members. They need know nothing - they'll just vote as directed on the highly unpopular legislation.

Abe's first administration upgraded the Defense Agency to Ministry level. Now in Abe's second term, Japan's Minister of Defense Gen Nakatani might rightly be renamed "Minister of War"...