Friday, July 24, 2015

The Stink Ain't Only Texas

Official comments on the Sandra Bland death in police custody must be doubted.

Why after three days was this woman still jailed? The problem's much deeper than one aggressive & inexperienced cop, or a suddenly depressive woman.

We've all seen smirking cops in the dramas: "Yo' ass is Ours!" they grin, while the spectre of Guantanamo's never-ending-torture-without-charges colors each interaction.

How many days before anyone would feel abandoned, alone, and abused? The police squad seeks now to portray themselves as reasonable. Their first dashcam video, amateurishly edited, shows the cop declaring her under arrest while she's still in her car, with no arrest charge stated. She didn't kick him through a closed door. But shameless police jailed her 3+ days...

Why didn't one of the army of reasonable cops watch that dashcam video and release Sandy Bland? They forced her to stew, and "guilt" was inconsequential.

From one arbitrary "lawful order" to another -- Sandy Bland was maltreated & strung-up by the American police state. One of many many abused people.

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