Friday, July 10, 2015

Bureaucracy, Spying & Data Security

Data breach (link) at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management releases detailed financial & personal information about 21.5 million American federal employees, their families, etc.

This should come as no surprise.

The key 'takeaway' on US federal spying from Ed Snowden's whistleblowing was that American bureaucracy has run amok - and cannot properly protect the vast information gathered.

Bureaucrats sadly once again do more harm than good.

Analysts failed to properly process numerous warnings and indicators leading up to the devastation of 9/11. Our ineffective National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice kept her job -- whining "nobody could've predicted...?" -- when she should've been fired in disgrace (along with Bush & Cheney).

Now its clear senseless bureaucrats have weakened the American nation, perhaps even critically crippling our staffing for decades. In the wrong hands, federal employee career information and private data is a time bomb.

Wherever possible, resist supplying more info about anything.
Assume all private data is now available to anyone who'll pay.