Friday, July 24, 2015

American Militarism Sucks

President Obama reportedly congratulated his "outstanding partner" British Prime Minister David Cameron. "Outstanding partner" means Cameron's a money-wasting butt-kissing lackey.

Obama congratulated Cameron for wasting achieving "the NATO target of spending 2% of GDP on defence." (link)  But Obama & Co. don't spend 2% ...

America would be much better-off  only spending  2%

US Military spending = $598.5 billion
US GDP = $17693.3 billion
US Militarist spending  =  3.38%
(American militarism is at least 3.38% of GDP, and does not include multiple long-term costs & obligations such as continuing treatment of disabled soldiers or other veteran's benefits)

If defense were 2% of US GDP...
...what could America do with our surplus?
41% of American defense spending ($244.6 billion) unnecessary

US$244.6 billion each year

 2% of $17693.3 billion GDP  = $353.9 billion
$598.5 billion now spent,  minus - $353.9 billion = overspending at least $244.6 billion