Friday, July 10, 2015

What's Hillary Done?

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been near the center of American power since 1992, that's twenty-three years. She talks fancy, but the bottom line = she ain't done much good.

She's been in the White House for eight years, a U.S. Senator, and America's Secretary of State. She gives a lot of speeches and she's worked hard to get rich. Hillary's been at the forefront of power throughout dozens of blunders and more than a generation of reform efforts. She's entrenched power elite -- uninterested in change.

Hillary whores for Israel.

As President, she'll soon commence open war on Syria & Iran.

Hillary Clinton is typical of many politicians: highly ambitious, but unmotivated to actually work in public service. In the early 1990s she tried laudable health care reforms but failed (though both House & Senate were controlled by Democrats). Since then, she's done damn little noteworthy. Don't expect if  President she'll do anything for you ...
Hillary Clinton's interests are elsewhere.